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Hey! Marketing Not Working For You?

I Think I’ve Found A Fix …

  • Entrepreneurs
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Marketing Not Working?

I Think I’ve Found A Fix …

What if

there were a way to slice through the online noise and reach just the right people, without turning up your marketing spend to 11?

The truth?

It’s all about standing out.

That’s why

we first build the foundation of  a razor-sharp Ultimate USP giving you the clarity to grab the attention of your perfect-match prospects.


… start with why who

… start with why who

We start with who you are using our unique process to identify your business’ core USP DNA. Then, in our Ultimate USP package, we discover the perfect market match where your business’ USP DNA intersects with your clients’ deepest felt needs.

But … I Just Want a Quick Fix!

Hone my USP? Sounds like time-burning navel-gazing! It’s not. If you want emails, web pages, elevator pitches that really connect – little mini-me sales people words tractor-beaming prospects 24/7 for months and years to come – then this is time well-spent.

But … They Want Results, Not Me

True, marketing 101 says it’s about the sizzle, not the steak. But how can they get that sizzle only you are uniquely gifted to create if they don’t ever go in the restaurant? First they have to say yes to you. How? By realizing that your business’ unique make-up of technology, wisdom, gifts, ideas, experience and personality is exactly what they need to pick the lock of their unique problem.

But … It Sounds Too Hard

Sure, figuring out your USP alone is like trying to see the forest when you’re so close that twigs are poking you in the eyes. That’s why we come alongside you as expert guides with well-drawn maps. One-on-one consultations taking you through our systematic process draw out the strands your core USP DNA that we connect to the market’s needs using our Market Match methodology. This reveals the Venn diagram showing us exactly where the treasure of your Ultimate USP is buried. It’s a fun expedition of discovery that we go on together.

But … I Can’t Travel To You

No problem. Everything we need to do we can do on Zoom and online at times that work for you, wherever you are.

But … What If It’s Not Perfect?

The perfectionism paralysis trap will leave you stuck in the blah wilderness with every other gray carbon-copy business. No, what we’re after is clarity and power: The clarity and power we can use to create copy that magically resonates with your perfect prospects’ subconscious. Ultimately, that’s all that matters, and that’s what our specific process delivers.

But … What If I Need To Change It?

Your USP points to the business you want. It’s the destination. So weigh anchor; let the wind catch your sails. A moving ship can be guided with a tiny rudder … but if you just stay put in port, you’ll never get anywhere. Why not start the journey now to reach your dream horizon sooner? We can always help you make course corrections later.

But … What If It Doesn’t Work?

We’re completely convinced that the Ultimate USP we create for you will be special enough to slice through the noise of your market. Even simply going through the Ultimate USP process itself will be revelatory — and will often open up new ideas for new services, new offers, new kinds of clients and more.

As business growth consultant and professor John Goldberg, MBA wrote about Stephen, “If you are struggling to precisely define or effectively communicate your company’s USP I highly recommend talking with him.”

Does It Cut It?

Take The USP Test

What’s That You’ve Got There: Bright Blade … Or Plastic Knife?

Think your Unique Selling Propostion has what it takes? Does it instantly set you apart so that prospects grab you and say “take my money”?

10 questions, 3 minutes. Instant result.

Discover Your

Ultimate USP 

Let’s Hone That USP Blade!

Create a bright-bladed katana sword Unique Selling Proposition that cuts through the noise to the buy-now reflex in your prospect’s subconscious. Let’s hone that blade so that you can land more ideal clients that pay you better in 2023! Learn more here …

I no longer feel lost in a sea of coaches but rather now, I have a lifeboat that could turn my brand into a cruise ship.”

☆☆☆☆☆    Jeff Talarico on Trustpilot

One-to-one personal, tailored consultation, not a course. 

Join The Revolution

Get The USP Manifesto

Gray, me-too businesses trudging in lock step aren’t just boring the world to death with corporate speak … they’re sapping the vitality of real consumer choice, and turning creative adventures in entrepreneurship into cookie cutter cubicle-prison J-O-Bs.

Fight back! Grab The USP Manifesto ebook and discover why a great USP is the antidote to being fed up, floundering, and failing — plus what are the essential factors you need for a truly foundational Ultimate USP.

  • 99 pages of fascinating, actionable content.
  • The 9 fundamental USP ingredients explained.
  • How to discover your USP sweet spot.
  • Real-world examples + in-depth case study.
  • Instant download, no charge.

USP Unleashed:


A Bespoke Package, Just For You ($ASK)

We take the powerful essence and advanced targeting information in your Ultimate USP and clothe these fundamentals with words that instantly resonate with your perfect prospects.

This bespoke service will craft the message you need, wherever you need it — on your website, in your ads, in emails, or in print — and our concierge service will curate extra technical support you need to deploy it, whether that’s in setting up Google Ads, redesigning your website or something more.

One convenient package that gets your business to where you need to be as quickly and effectively as possible.

Click here to learn more

Kaboom Marketing’S

Mr. Clarity

Stephen Munday -- Ultimate USP creator, copywriter and marketing consultant

Stephen Munday

Stephen has officially been nicknamed “The Clarity Specialist” in my book” – Corey Nery-Guity

Hello there! I’m Stephen and I’ve founded three businesses using my USP-sharpening, copywriting, online marketing, and SEO skills.

One of these businesses I grew from scratch to over 340 international customers, selling over 100 vehicles each month with a multi-million dollar annual revenue.

I’ve been where you are. I love taking what I’ve learned in my own business adventures to help people like you.

I hadn’t thought much about copywriting until I paid premium for marketing copy from a well-known freelancer site. I guess I was overawed by all those five star reviews, but I just took one look at the result and I realized — I can beat that. I didn’t bother to ask for revisions. I did it myself, and it was great. So, it hit me: If I can out-write this premium-copy, five-star review guy, why not do this for other people?

But I also realized, it’s about so much more than just writing copy. Copywriting, SEO, online marketing, email marketing — they’re all great skills, but they’re also just surface-level tactics. It struck me that for real impact, you have to start by building a strong foundation, and that foundation is the core essence of your message — your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

So, let’s work together, hone your core USP, and bring clarity to your messy marketing messages so that your business stands out and gets more ideal clients eager to buy from you even at higher prices.

And finally … here’s some trivia about me.

  • I’m from the UK, I’m also a US citizen, I’ve lived in Japan for years, and I speak fluent Japanese.
  • I once discovered 100,000 Yen under the tatami flooring of an old Japanese house.