the Ultimate USP

Discovery Adventure

“I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the clarity and impact of my USP without the support of Kaboom Marketing.”

Cara Halliwell (CE Change) on Trustpilot

Maybe it sounds like time-burning navel gazing. It’s not. If you want emails, web pages, elevator pitches, presentations, ads and more that really connect little mini-me sales people drawing in prospects 24/7 for months and years to come then you must nail your Ultimate Unique Selling Proposition first. It’s the molten core of all your messaging.

“Clients just click with me!”

It’s amazing: A well-honed Ultimate USP is your business’ “Bat-Signal”.

No, you won’t need a searchlight (or a latex body suit). But, just in the same way the Bat-Signal is simple, clear, bold, and summons Batman from wherever he is, your Ultimate USP message will also be simple, clear, bold, and instantly cause the right prospects to take the action you want. They’ll be drawn to you and, like two pieces of a puzzle, you’ll just click.

Think about it: Who needs to be “sold”, when they’ve already clicked with you?

But figuring this out is hard …

Can you do this on your own? Sure, but do you have time? More importantly, do you have the perspective to distinguish the wood from the trees?

You see, that’s where even the best mind gets stuck. You’re used to being the expert, giving solutions to other people’s problems. But when it comes to being in the hot seat yourself? Suddenly the tables are turned, and you realize just how hard it its to be both introspective and objective at the same time.

You need a map and a guide

Like any adventure of discovery, it’s more fruitful (and more fun) if you have a map and a guide to show you the way.

This is exactly what the Ultimate USP Discovery is all about. I work with you one-on-one to systematically extract all the basic DNA building blocks in 9 critical areas that are then blended into your Ultimate USP.

This is what you get

1. Ultimate USP Statement

A razor-sharp Ultimate USP statement that fits in a Tweet. This is the essence of your business boiled down to the most potent elevator pitch. To give you a 146-character example from close to home, our own Unique Selling Proposition is this:

“I help businesses easily attract better clients that happily pay more using my unique framework to build powerful ‘Bat-Signal’ marketing messages.”

2. 3x USP Boosters

Imagine your Ultimate USP statement as the main rocket. These 3 USP boosters aren’t in that core, but they work with the main USP to push it into a higher orbit. They may expand on the Ultimate USP statement in more detail, or they may add something extra that wasn’t quite central enough to make the cut to be in that headline statement.

Once again, the goal is to bring clarity. There’s no waffle padding here.

3. USP Rocket Fuel

Nothing goes to waste from our Ultimate USP Discovery sessions! This bonus USP rocket fuel are those unique tidbits that didn’t quite make the cut, but that you can use to seed your marketing and copy to give it extra power.

How does it help you?

CTR low? Revamp your ads for lower CPC rates and lower cost per acquisition.

Conversions not happening? Create copy and craft sales conversations that easily unlock the doors to the right clients.

Open rates tanking? Write emails that have them checking their inbox for your messages like you’re a long-lost friend.

Not confident writing copy yourself? Don’t worry, we have your back! Unlike regular copywriters, we will have already traveled with you on your Ultimate USP Discovery journey, meaning our understanding of your business is going to be really deep. So, turn us loose to write the copy that unleashes the power of your Ultimate USP.

A Compass For Your Voyage

A Compass For Your Voyage

This is about so much more than marketing and copy: Discover your USP DNA and hone your Ultimate USP, and you’ll have gained extreme clarity — a compass to guide you through every business decision you make, whether that’s in hiring, new offers, growth, joint ventures and more. This alone is worth many times the price of admission.

What does it take?

What does it take from you? A couple of hours of open-minded exploration in conversation and reflection. Don’t worry. It’s fun! It’s an adventure with an experienced guide. This isn’t a course where you are left to figure things out for yourself.

Session 1: Research (1 to 2 hours on video call)

We lead you through a systematic step-by-step process to uncover USP DNA building blocks in 9 critical areas.

Session 2: Reflect

We recommend taking at least 1 hour to reflect on the initial feedback and Ultimate USP statement sketch.

Session 3: Reveal

The big reveal! This is when we share your Ultimate USP statement, your 2 or 3 USP boosters, and any powerful USP rocket fuel we have discovered.

On top of this, we’ll sprinkle in all sorts of other goodness about things like how to use these in marketing and copy, how you could reposition your business, how to create new offers, how to attract new customers and any other new ideas that have been sparked during our consulting time together.

Will it work for me?

I‘m convinced that the value you’ll get out of your Ultimate USP Discovery sessions will be exponentially greater than your investment, and will continue to pay back dividends for years to come as the impact of your increased clarity and boldness is felt throughout your business.

“I wasn’t sure going into the USP Discovery process if the value would be worth it, but it blew me away!”

Jed Burdick (Votary Films) on Trustpilot